Introduction: The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes

This study brings us together with old and new friends to talk about work. We’re going to talk about work with Christ’s input, using most of the Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 5 through 7. Volume 1 of Jesus on Monday Morning covers the Beatitudes (“Blessings”) found in Matthew 5.1-12. (Volume 2 covers the bulk of the teaching in the rest of chapter 5 and chapters 6 and 7.) Christ’s teaching will be applied to what we do or don’t do when we’re at our jobs. Some examples illustrate what each of His teachings means for our vocations and business endeavors. Also, these lessons apply to how our small group operates.

Jesus worked and He knows about work. We can learn from Him and each other. Too often now and throughout history, people like us have dreaded going to their jobs. In the gospels, we read of Christ going into difficult circumstances and bettering those situations. Wouldn’t He come to work with you and want to transform it into a place of joy, peace and love—just how we imagine the Kingdom of God?

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